Terms of Use

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1. No DDoSing or attacking/hacking the server, websites, forums or players. Such actions are illegal and I will attempt to prosecute you to the full extent of the law if you attempt them.

2. No harassing, excessive foul language or threatening to harm others in real life. Please use common sense and courtesy. It is best to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

3. No impersonating staff.

4. No advertising of other products/services. There is a difference between discussing and advertising.

5. No speed hacking.

6. No exploiting bugs. If you’re unsure if something is a bug, then ask staff about it first. Bugs should be reported immediately. Bug reporters will be given in game rewards.

7. No “script placing” houses.

8. No third party software other than Razor or UOSteam (AssistUO). UOSteam is highly encouraged and will never be banned.

9. No attacking or stealing when a GM is present.

10. Players are only allowed three accounts per IP address for a total of up to 15 characters.

11. Players are not allowed to "share" or log onto another players account at any time.

12. No AFK animal taming, fishing, hunting, or harvesting of ore/wood.

13. No excessive spamming in game or on the forums. Allow a little time between messages.

14. Items/Pets lost by players will not be returned unless it can be determined that there was a bug which caused the issue.

15. Accounts become inactive after a player has not logged on it for 6 months. When this occurs, the account will be removed and it will not be able to be retrieved at a later date.

16. Donations are non-refundable.

 The penalties for breaking above rules may include some of the following: warning, squelch, jail time, skills/stats lowered, characters/accounts/items deleted and banning.  If you break the rules these penalties may occur immediately and without any notice. If you have reason to believe you were not in the wrong please send an email to uoepidemic@gmail.com regarding your issue.