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UO Epidemic offers players many different types of tameable pets. At levels of taming over 100, players have a chance to tame black, fire, blaze, frost and pure white hued tameables. At 105.1 animal taming players have the ability to tame “Night” (black hued) animals, at 110.1 the ability to tame “Illusive” (pure white) animals, at 115.1 the ability to tame ”Fire” animals and at 119.1 the ability to tame "Blaze" and "Frost" animals. The night, illusive blaze, ice and fire animals will appear in four different types which are the wolf, steed, bear and llama. There is also a skeletal steed(115.1) and other rare tameables include a kirin, unicorn, nightmare, swamp dragon, frenzied ostard, poison ostard, ruby ostard, valley frenzied, tropical frenzied, swamp frenzied, desert ostard, forest ostard, rideable llama, ancient dragon(115.1), hiryu(115.1), bake kitsune(115.1), giant beetle, blood beetle, silver beetle, crane and squirrel.

Tame swamp dragons have the ability to wear different types of armor crafted by blacksmiths, which are known as dragon barding deeds. Each tameable has its own unique look, so take your pick or collect them all.

Extra stable slots have been added based off of the players skill in animal taming, animal lore and veterinary. At 320 total skill points in these three skills a player will receive 16 stable slots plus bonus slots. At 360 total skill points a player will receive 17 stable slots plus bonus slots. Bonus stable slots are received at 100 = 1 , 110 = 2 and 120 = 3. This should allow players to be able to collect all sorts of different types of tameables.