Special Vendors

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The Special Vendor Outpost just South West of Britain Bank has many different types of stones which can be used to purchase special items. There are multiple types of currency found at UO Epidemic which can be used to purchase from these vendors. Currency types include: Platinum Coins, Gold Coins, Donation Coins, Hunter Coins, Infected Coins, White Pearls, Shillings and Holiday Coins. Below is a list of the vendor types, click on a vendor to show what the prices are for the items on that vendor.
Screenshot 6.png

Donation Vendor - Masks

Donation Vendor - Mount and Wearables

Donation Vendor - Decos, Deeds, Misc

Platinum Vendor

Hunter Vendor

Infected Vendor

White Pearl Vendor

PvP Point Vendor

Siege Vendor

Shilling Vendor

City Vendor - Basic City Neeeds

City Vendor - Ponds, Plants, Misc

City Vendor - Trees

City Vendor - Walls/Towers/Gates

City Vendor - Walls/Towers/Gates 2

City Vendor - Roads

City Vendor - Roads 2