Siege Warfare

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Siege Cannons, Catapults and Rams can be used to inflict damage upon siege-able items. The amount of damage and range of the shot for cannonballs will depend on the type of ammo loaded into these weapons. Light cannonballs will fly the farthest and have the largest range. Fiery and Exploding cannonballs will inflict damage within a radius of where they land.

Siege-able Items receiving siege damage will show damage with green, yellow and red fire flames. The color of the flames show how much damage the item has taken. If the item is showing red flames it is near being completely destroyed. After a item has taken more siege damage than its maximum siege damage strength it will be gone forever. A siege hammer can be used to repair items which have taken damage and completely restore the item to maximum strength. If a City Hall is completely destroyed then all of buildings in the city will be destroyed, the city will be no more and all of its citizens will be left in despair.

Players can place ship cannons on High Seas Galleons and use ship cannoballs in order to destroy smaller fishing boats. The tillerman on the small fishing boats will only take damage from siege weapons. Target the tillerman on a small fishing boat with cannons in order to sink the ship. Galleon tillermans on the other hand will take damage from all spells/weapons, similar to any other creature. If the tillerman on a galleon is killed then the galleon will also sink.