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All boats are smooth moving and can be destroyed! There are four different types of High Seas Galleons: Britain Galleon, Tokuno Galleon, Orc Galleon and Gargoyle Galleon. These galleons can be controlled by an unmounted player that double clicks the wheel of the galleon. Be sure that the anchor is up before clicking the wheel. After clicking the wheel a player will become stuck and will control the boat using their mouse as if they were running. In order to be released from commanding the ship a player must double click themselves or the ship’s wheel. Galleons can also be controlled by using normal ship commands.

Ship cannons and ship cannonballs can be used to attack players, ships and player city buildings. In order to sink a small boat players must destroy the tillerman using siege weapons. In order to destroy a galleon, players must also kill the tillerman, except the tillerman on the galleons is open to attack from monsters, players and siege weapons. After a ship is sunk any player that becomes stuck in the water will need to re-log in to be moved to the nearest land location.