Lothar's Beginner Equipment

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Lothar's Beginner Equipment Quest takes place in the New Player Dungeon found through the gate at the Special Vendor Outpost near Britain Bank. All new characters created will have a Letter of Apprenticeship they can give to Lothar to start the quest. Lothar will then give you a letter of recommendation which must be presented to Briana the Youthful Summoner. Players must vanquish 10 creatures to achieve the master recommendation from Lothar and 11 creatures to complete the quest. After each creature is vanquished players must return an item to Lothar to receive another letter of recommendation. Below are a list of the levels of different monsters on the quest, the item retrieved from the monster which must be returned to Lothar and the reward Lothar will give you for returning the item.

Level 1 - Monster: Diseased Rat - Return Item: Diseased Rat Meat - Reward: Apprentice Ring

Level 2 - Monster: Blood Bat - Return Item: Bloody Bat Wing - Reward: Apprentice Bracelet

Level 3 - Monster: Vile Toad - Return Item: Toad Eye - Reward: Apprentice Earrings

Level 4 - Monster: Albino Serpent - Return Item: White Snake Egg - Reward: Apprentice Gorget

Level 5 - Monster: Enraged Bear - Return Item: Bear Fur - Reward: Apprentice Gloves

Level 6 - Monster: Dark Harpy - Return Item: Dark Feather - Reward: Apprentice Cap

Level 7 - Monster: Ikitari - Return Item: Rodent Blood - Reward: Apprentice Sleeves

Level 8 - Monster: Shezothin - Return Item: Scaled Leather - Reward: Apprentice Legs

Level 9 - Monster: Moruli - Return Item: Glowing Skull - Reward: Apprentice Tunic

Level 10 - Monster: Argolan - Return Item: Magic Orc Helm - Reward: Apprentice Shield

Master Level - Monster: Grianthiam - Return Item: Savage Head - Reward: Apprentice Sword

Players have the option to purchase letters of apprenticeship from the Gold Vendor for 50k if they wish to do the quest more than once.