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Ultima Online Epidemic has many different gambling options for those that wish to take the risk. One option is a lottery system which runs a drawing every three days. In order to play in the lottery a player must purchase a lottery ticket for 1000 gp. Lottery tickets can be purchased from the lottery stone located at the special vendor outpost.

Screenshot 3.png
Another option is slot machines. There are 7 slot machines with different payouts and themes in the basement of the casino behind Britain Bank and throughout the multiple levels of Lord Blackthorn's Casino.
Screenshot 2.png
There is also Texas Hold’em Style Poker behind Britain Bank and in Lord Blackthorn's Casino. There are multiple different types of tables with tournament style, no limit, and different buy in ranges.
Screenshot 4.png

Players can buy a Deal or No Deal Game Ticket for 150k. If they pick the lucky case they can walk away with up to 1 million gold. Some special cases also have a chance to contain rare dolls as prizes.

Britainnian and Buccaneer’s Roulette is also available for players to play at any time. This game is very similar to Russian Roulette. Players will bet who will be the first to die or who will be the last to survive. Roll the dice and setup an order to use the guillotine which will either kill a player or allow them to survive that round.