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It was once told that if humanoid creatures became infected, they would have the ability to wreak mass havoc on cities and destroy anything in their path. This is that story. This is the story of the infected humanoid creatures. ultima online epidemic elven queen

-Gossip heard from a Britain commoner- An infection has spread amongst all facets of the world. The only facet which remains inhabitable after the epidemic is Felucca. Although this facet survived the humanoid epidemic, it was not completely unharmed and trace of the infection still exists.

At one point in time the lost lands were open but now many of us settlers can no longer reach these fertile lands. The world was vast and great for farming and herding. If only there was some way to get back to these great places. I was told that these lands were sealed by a powerful elf when an infection began to spread across all of the humans in the land. They said that the great elf was able to seal off all exits to these lands. But, in the process of closing all the portals, a tribe of infected savages were able to follow him and they successfully entered his final moongate out!

When the powerful elf finally came back to this land his moongate led to the island of Magincia. After realizing that he was followed out by a tribe of infected savages, he escaped through a nearby public moongate and traveled to his native town, the city of Heartwood. The infected savages were unable to figure out how to travel through this magical public moongate, so they began to wander across the island. After a few hours, the powerful elf began to feel sick. The elf realized that he had become infected and so he began to write down information on his final journey through these lost lands. The infection began to get worse and worse for the elf. Little did he know but he may have just started the world’s final epidemic!

As for the infected savages, they grouped together and began to take over the entire island of Magincia. All shopkeepers and townfolk that could escape the town sought refuge on the peaceful island of Occolo. The fey creatures and townfolk of Occolo, along with the refugees, returned after three days to take back the island of Magincia from this tribe of infected savages. The townfolk and fey creatures were able to exile the infected savages but very few savages were killed and the entire town of Magincia was completely destroyed in just three days. The savages were exiled out to sea on boats and after multiple weeks had passed, the tribe of infected savages were last spotted setting up their camp on the island of murderers, Buccaneer’s Den.

I also heard that an infected tribe was seen traveling by boat in a river through the town of Trinsic. Rumor has it that the tribe settled in a cave near the end of the river. The townfolk said that the tribe had become trapped in the cave by miners and then killed. But, shortly after being killed the infected corpses of the savages came back to life. The townfolk called upon a mage from town for assistance in containing this evil. The magician wisely cast a spell to trap the infected skeletons to this cave. All of the people that came into contact with this evil were said to have narrowly escaped the cave before becoming infected by the contagious disease.

Months after the initial outbreak, it was rumored that a book the powerful elf had written, before he perished from the infection, was divided amongst the strongest elves in the city of heartwood. These elves were given the last knowledge of the lost lands to either destroy or hold onto for protection.

These days panic has spread amongst Felucca and started to hurt the world’s economy. All cities on the main land have been taken over by various types of infected creatures and the only city in the world left guarded from these monsters is Britain. Britain is also the only town in the world left with a city bank or stables for its citizens. Once the guards abandoned the other cities, factioners began to raid and pillage these towns for anything they found useful; including gold, weapons and others beloved pets. Lord British and the True Brittainnians have given us hope of survival but there is a constant war waging amongst other factions which are trying to take over our last sacred stronghold.

There are also other people that have begun to try to reclaim land out in the world and create new cities as they band together taking a stand against this epidemic. This is the latest news of the day. Now, as you venture out into the world be aware of this contagious disease and take precaution if you happen to come into contact with one of these infected beasts.

~Farewell to thee noble adventurer~