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Evolution Dragons hatch from eggs which can be found on ancient dragons. These pets have the ability to mate when fully mature and will produce an egg every two weeks. See breeding below for more details.

Ancient Dragons in Destard drop dragon eggs, which will hatch into an evolution dragon. In order to control these evolution dragons a player will need 100 animal taming. These dragons consist of 7 evolution levels with 6 different appearances and one change in title. Each level of evolution will give an increase to the dragons stats. The dragon egg can be hatched by placing it in your backpack and double clicking it, after waiting 1 minute double click the egg again and it will hatch. There are currently 11 different evolution dragon hues.

Evolution Levels – Appearance – Kill Points

1 – snake – 0-25,000KP 2 – serpent – 25,00-75,000KP 3 – alligator – 75,000-175,000KP 4 – drake – 175,000-3,750,000KP 5 – dragon – 3,750,000-7,750,000KP 6 – wyrm – 7,750,000-15,000,000KP 7 – wyrm(the ancient dragon title) – 15,000,000+KP

To see how much KP your Evo has, use the [KP Command and target your pet.


Evolution Dragons gain KP by taking and dealing damage to monsters. The harder the monster the higher KP that is given. Generally speaking, only the really hardest opponents shell out a decent amount of KP. Like the Dark Father and at lower levels, the Abysmal Horror.

After each evolution the dragon will gain a boost to each stat and its armor rating.

Evolution dragon eggs can be obtained by either purchasing eggs directly from other players or by farming ancient dragons in Destard.


Once Evos have matured to ancient level you can mate them. To mate them you will need a female and a male of the same type of Evo. The female owner should use the [mate command, target the female, it will then prompt the owner of the male to accept the proposal. Provided he accepts, the female Evo will now be pregnant. This renders the female Evo invulnerable. It can not take damage and can not give it either. After 15 days, the egg can be harvested. Use the [mate command again and target the female Evo. An egg will drop in your pack. The female Evo can now be used to fight again.