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Ultima Online Epidemic is completely free to play. Simply download and run the UO Epidemic Installer file. If you have any questions, run into any problems or have issues be sure to visit the Forums or the Contact Page. See you in game shortly!

Follow These Steps:

Download & run the UO Epidemic Installer file at

Run the UO Epidemic – UOSteam.exe shortcut on your desktop as administrator to open the game interface.

Press start, then create a username and password to login.

Follow the instructions in the “UO Epidemic Read Me!” text file to setup UOSteam properly if you run into any issues. UO Epidemic will install to the folder: c:/program files/ultima online epidemic

Remember! Don’t forget to register for the Forums.

Note: Make sure your UO Epidemic – UOSteam.exe shortcut has administrator permissions, otherwise it will not be able to load and modify profiles or launcher data.

You can do this by right clicking on UOSteam.exe file on your desktop and choosing “Run as administrator”.


Port: 2593

Ultima Online Client and up are supported