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Ultima Online Epidemic offers players a wide variety of ways to customize their house. Each player is allowed to have one house per account with a maximum of up to 3 houses. As for normal custom housing, all Ultima Online eras of house customization options are available. Classic houses have an added feature which allows a player to set access to their doors. Click on the house door as an owner to view this feature. House cellars have been added for purchase on the gold vendor stone in Britain. House Link teleporters and house ladders can be purchased on the donation vendor stone for advanced house customization. Ladders will allow a player to travel on top of some house areas while house link teleporters can allow a player to do the same thing or allow a player to teleport between two houses across the world. The security of these teleporters can be set just like a door and these teleporters can also be dyed with a dye tub. Be sure to refresh your houses often because all houses have been set to a custom decay rate near one month.