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Below are custom crafting/harvesting additions:

Tinkering: Tinkers at 115.1 craft +4ar Mythic Bracelets and Rings.

Tailoring: Tailors at 105.1 craft +4 ar Spined Doublets, 110.1 craft +6ar Horned Doublets and at 115.1 craft +8 Barbed Doublets.

Blacksmithy: Blacksmiths at 105.1 craft +4ar Agapite Doublets, 110.1 craft +6ar Verite Doublets, and at 115.1 craft +8 Valorite Doublets

Carpentry: Carpenters have the ability to craft different colored furniture with different types of wood. At 115.1 Carpentry six different types of Slayer Bamboo Flutes can be crafted; which are Arachnid, Exorcism, Fey, Repond, Reptile, and Silver.

Lumberjacking: There are six different types of wood that can be harvested in the world; which are Oak(65), Ash(80), Yew(95), Heartwood(100), Bloodwood(100) and Frostwood(100).

Mining: Players can mine Holy ore at 115.1 mining.

Bowcraft/Fletching: Fletchers have the ability to craft bows with increased durability and accuracy based on the type of wood used to craft the bow. Oak: durable, accurate; Ash: durable, surpassingly accurate; Yew: fortified, eminently accurate; Heartwood: fortified, eminently accurate; Bloodwood: indestructible, exceedingly accurate; Frostwood: indestructible, supremely accurate. At 115.1 Bowcraft/Fletching six different types of Slayer Bows can be crafted; which are Arachnid, Exorcism, Fey, Repond, Reptile and Silver. You have to be at least 100 skill in fletching to be able to get a Fetching BOD from an NPC.