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Crafter Quests are available at different crafter shops throughout Britain. These quests can only be completed on one character per account, one time.

Audrey the Renowned Alchemist

Items Needed: 10 Greater Cure Potions, 10 Greater Heal Potions, 10 Deadly Poison Potions

Possible Rewards: 300 shillings, Mortar and Pestle with 500 uses

Robin the Renowned Bowyer

Items Needed: 10 Oak Boards, 1 Bow, 1 Heavy Crossbow

Possible Rewards: 100 Frostwood Boards, Fletcher Tools with 500 uses

Celegorm the Renowned Carpenter

Items Needed: 1 Wooden Box, 10 Boards, 1 Wooden Chair

Possible Rewards: 300 Shillings, Nails with 500 uses

Bettie the Renowned Cook

Items Needed: Fried Eggs, Cheese Pizza, Sausage Pizza

Possible Rewards: 300 Shillings, Skillet with 500 uses

Arika the Renowned Miner

Items Needed: 10 Dull Copper Ingots, 10 Copper Ingots, 10 Shadow Iron Ingots

Possible Rewards: 300 Shillings, Gargoyle Pickaxe

Gina the Renowned Scribe

Items Needed: 1 Spellbook, 1 Runebook, 1 Gate Travel Scroll

Possible Rewards: 300 Shillings, Scribes Pen with 500 uses

Ireth the Renowned Smith

Items Needed: 1 Repair Deed, 10 Iron Ingots, 1 Katana

Possible Rewards: 100 Valorite Ingots, Dull Copper Runic Hammer with 20 uses, Shadow Iron Runic Hammer with 10 uses, Copper Runic Hammer with 2 uses

Tari the Renowned Tailor

Items Needed: 10 Wool, 10 Bolts of Cloth, 10 Spools of Thread

Possible Rewards: Sewing Kit with 500 uses, Spined Runic Sewing Kit with 5 uses

Luthien the Renowned Tinker

Items Needed: 1 Key Ring, 1 Skinning Knife, 1 Goblet

Possible Rewards: Tinker Tools with 500 uses, 10 Star Sapphires, 100 Valorite Ingots, 100 Frostwood Boards