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Players can use the [Help command in game to get a pop up list of available commands. See below for a list of player commands and their uses.

[Account - use this command to register your email or change your password

[Auth - use this command to authenticate your email registration

[BuyBackHead - murderers who have had their head stolen can use this command to send a message to the person holding the head in an attempt to retrieve it before being place in stat loss

[ChainLink - mayors can use this to link multiple doors/gates to open/close together

[ChangeRace - players can use this command for a one time change from the human to elven race

[CityMove - mayors can use this command to move things around in their city, including city guards, stones, buildings, addons and decorations

[E / [Emote - shows a list of emotes which can be used to make sounds and display more emotion to other players, often great for role play

[F - faction members can use this to chat to other members of their faction

[Fame - shows a player their amount of fame

[GovHelp - shows a citizen information about different aspects of being in a player created city

[Help - shows a list of commands

[HelpInfo - shows a list of commands and info on what they do

[Karma - shows a player their amount of karma

[KP - show evolution pet kill points

[Link - mayors can use this to link two doors/gates to open/close together

[Map - display a pin where you are on the map

[Mate - target evolution pets to mate using this command

[MOTD - Message of the Day (MOTD) shows a welcome message and changelog on the second page

[MoveBox - select a box of vendors to be moved to a different location in a city market region

[MoveVendor - move vendor around a city market region

[Password - change your account password

[PetBondTime - shows how much time is left before the pet targeted is able to bond

[Point - says "player name" points here and shows a magic display around the area

[PopPouch - finds and pops trapped pouches in player using the commands backpack, only pops one pouch per command use

[PrivateChar - hide character statistics show they do not show online

[PublicChar - make character public statistics show online

[PvpStats - shows PvP stats for player targeted

[T or [Team - send a team message while in Capture the Flag or Team Deathmatch

[Template - can be used in arenas to select specific fighter templates

[Time - shows current server time (Central Standard Time)

[Titles - displays a list of achieved monster kill titles which can be selected to be displayed above a player's head

I must consider my sins - shows player kill amount and if in statloss how much time is remaining

Showscore/Punkte - shows faction kill point score