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The original six champions, Barracoon, Neira, Rikktor, Mephitis, Lord Oaks, Semidar and the Harrower can be found at Ultima Online Epidemic. Each champion will drop three powerscrolls, gold, a champion skull and there is a chance for an artifact. Powerscrolls must be consumed in order, player’s cannot consume a 120 powerscroll before reaching 115. There are only powerscrolls for non-combat related skills at UO Epidemic. The skill cap is 720 and by using powerscrolls a player will not be able to exceed this cap. Champ Spawn levels can be seen by the amount of red candles on the altar. Four white candles will also spawn on the altar to show progress of the current red candle. After the altar is full of red candles(16), four white candles will spawn and then the champion will spawn. Below is a list of the amount of monsters which must be killed to achieve a red candle. Players have ten minutes to achieve a red candle. If players do not achieve the red candle in ten minutes, the spawn will revert one level if no white candles are present on the altar or it will revert back to the current red candle if there are white candles on the altar. The amount of red candles on the altar will determine the difficulty level of monsters. It is often best to work together in groups to take down a champion spawn.

Amount of Monsters per Red Candle:

Start – 245

Red Candle 1 – 230

Red Candle 2 – 215

Red Candle 3 – 200

Red Candle 4 – 185

Red Candle 5 – 170

Red Candle 6 – 155

Red Candle 7 – 140

Red Candle 8 – 125

Red Candle 9 – 110

Red Candle 10 – 95

Red Candle 11 – 80

Red Candle 12 – 65

Red Candle 13 – 50

Red Candle 14 – 35

Red Candle 15 – 20

Red Candle 16 – 5

Red Candle 17 – Champion

Champion Spawn: Vermin Horde

Location: Despise

Level 1: Giant Rats and Slimes (1-4 red candles)

Level 2: Dire Wolves and Ratmen(5-8 red candles)

Level 3: Hell Hounds and Ratman Mages(9-12 red candles)

Level 4: Ratman Archers and Silver Serpents

Champion/Skull: Barracoon/Greed

Recommended Slayer: Repond

Champion Spawn: Unholy Terror

Location: Deceit

Level 1: Ghouls, Shades, Spectres and Wraiths

Level 2: Bone Magi, Mummies, Skeletal Mages

Level 3: Bone Knights, Skeletal Knights and Liches

Level 4: Lich Lords and Rotting Corpses

Champion/Skull: Neira the Necromancer/Death

Recommended Slayer: Silver

Champion Spawn: Cold Blood Spawn

Location: Destard

Level 1: Lizardmen and Snakes

Level 2: Lava Lizards, Ophidian Warriors and Ophidian Enforcers

Level 3: Drakes, Ophidian Justicars, Ophidian Zealots

Level 4: Dragons, Ophidian Avengers and Ophidian Knight-Errants

Champion/Skull: Rikktor/Power

Recommended Slayer: Reptile

Champion Spawn: Forest Lord

Location: Found by completing Infected Elf Quest

Level 1: Pixies and Shadow Wisps

Level 2: Ki-Rins and Wisps

Level 3: Centaurs and Unicorns

Level 4: Ethereal Warriors and Serpentine Dragons

Champions/Skull: Lord Oaks and Silvani/Enlightenment

Recommended Slayer: Fey

Champion Spawn: Arachnid

Location: Terathan Keep

Level 1: Scorpions and Giant Spiders

Level 2: Terathan Drones and Terathan Warriors

Level 3: Dread Spiders and Terathan Matriarchs

Level 4: Poison Elementals and Terathan Avengers

Champion/Skull: Mephitis/Venom

Recommended Slayer: Arachnid

Champion Spawn: Abyss

Location: Fire

Level 1: Imps and Greater Mongbats

Level 2: Gargoyles and Harpies

Level 3: Fire Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles

Level 4: Daemons and Succubi

Champion/Skull: Semidar/Pain

Recommended Slayer: Exorcism

Champion Spawn : Sleeping Dragon

Location : Hythloth

Level 1: Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings and Lizardmen

Level 2: Deathwatch Beetle and Kappas

Level 3: Lesser Hiryus and Revenant Lions

Level 4: Hiryus and Onis

Champion : Serado the Awakened/Power

Champion Spawn: The Corrupt / Pestilence

Location: Swamps South of Destard

Level 1: Plague Beast Spawn and Boglings

Level 2: Plague Beast and Bog Things

Level 3: Plague Beast Lords and Interred Grizzles

Level 4: Fetid Essences and Pestilent Bandages

Champion/Skull: Ilhenir the Stained/Pain

Recommended Slayer: None

Champion Spawn: Glade

Location: New Player Dungeon / Twisted Weald

Level 1: Pixies and Shadow Wisps

Level 2: Centaurs and Dryads

Level 3: Satyrs and CuSidhe

Level 4: Ferel Treefellows and Raging Grizzly Bears

Champions/Skull: Twaulo of the Glade

Recommended Slayer: Fey

Final Champion: The Harrower

Location: Random Dungeon/Star Room

The Harrower must be summoned by sacrificing each of the skulls achieved from the champions above onto separate altars located in the Star Room which can be accessed from Terathan Keep. Stat scrolls can be obtained from The Harrower. The stat cap is 225 max stats and 100 per individual stat(strength, dexterity, intelligence) until stat scrolls are used to unlock 250 max stats and 125 per individual stat. Stat scrolls must be used in order like powerscrolls. Be sure to use stat scrolls wisely because they are very difficult to obtain.