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So you want to build and lead a mega metropolis to rival the great city of Britain. You have come to the right place. It will take great leadership, vision, and most of all resources to maintain and grow a prosperous city. As with any city you will have to properly manage the politics, the economics, the defense, and the overall site plan. Sounds simple right!

Basics To start a city you will need a City Hall Deed. This can be purchased from the City Vendor in Britain by all the vendor stones near Brit Bank. Once you have the deed in your possession you will need to find a suitable location. Great attention should be placed in terms of where you plan to build this city. Is it defensible? Highly traveled? Is it big enough to support the size city I desire? Is it far enough from an existing player city? There are many, many more considerations to make so take your time and plan accordingly. Once you have located your city location place the city hall. The person whom places the hall will automatically become Mayor. Only the Mayor has access to many functions so make sure it is someone you truly trust. Elections can determine Mayors in the the future.

So the town hall is placed now what? Well now you need to get citizens. You have one hour from when you placed your city hall until its first city update. That means if you want to get as large as you can without having to wait a full week you best get as many citizens as possible. After one hour has passed, your first city update will have concluded. If you have the necessary number of citizens to grow your city will grow. Once the initial city update has completed your city will be on a weekly city update process. So every week the server will check to see if your city has grown or maybe even shrunk. Funds will be added...funds maybe removed...ahh funds.

The town hall comes with a limited number of gold to pay for its maintenance. Wait, you thought this stuff was free? As with any city there are upkeep costs. Make sure you have enough gold in there to meet your city maintenance costs to keep your city going. Use the city maintenance report to check how much money you will be required to pay. The more buildings the more you can expect to pay etc. Maintenance costs will be deducted when the city goes through the weekly city update process (as established when you placed your City Hall). So consider this your warning. DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE MANY HAVE MADE...ADD FUNDS!

Growth A city grows when you add citizens. Citizens can be added by getting sponsored by another citizen and then approved by the Mayor, or directly added by the Mayor. Growing a city has many advantages. Not only does the area you control increase substantially but you will also gain access to more advanced buildings likes banks stables etc.


Economics is vital to the success of your city. You can plan to fund it yourself but be warned, this can be a very expensive endeavor if that is your chosen route. Your best bet is to form some sort of agreement among your citizens in terms of the appropriate gold to tax...and a strong city always has a surplus.