A formal Introduction..

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A formal Introduction..

Postby Kmotion » Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:15 pm

What's up guys,
I know I've met and chatted with most, if not all of you by now, and I suppose it's time I made a formal introduction.

In the beginning, it all started way back in 1996 when I saw an ad in "Computer Gaming World" magazine about a new type of game that was being developed Origin Systems. The studio's name instantly caught my eye as I'm a fan of the Ultima series, so using AOL 3.0 dial-up(28.8kbps- i was poor at the time) I managed to find the website of this mysterious "new game" and started reading. At the time, there wasn't too much info about it on the website, but I did find the "sign up for beta" section and thought "Doubt I'll get selected, but I'll give it a shot". To my surprise, after months and months of waiting, the beta CD arrives in the mail!! I IMMEDIATELY ripped that puppy out of the envelope, slammed it into my PC for installation, and off I went.

Fast-Forward a year or so... I had quit the game for a while due to the horrendous lag I was getting, and I guess I wasn't used to the whole new "persistent world" thing yet. Anyhow, a friend called me one day and during our conversation, he asked if I had ever heard of the game "Ultima Online". Being proud that I was selected as one of the beta testers, I replied nonchalantly "Yeah, I beta tested that game but I don't play anymore". Then my friend replied "I BETA TESTED IT TOO!!!" and I was crushed.. :'( here I was, being naive, thinking that I was the ONLY beta-tester for UO in Hawaii.. boy was I WRONG!

He then suggested that I come back, and offered to help me get started all over again. That was "the straw that broke the camel's back" so to speak, and I was hooked. I played on Baja under the name Darkmoon, and started the long grind to 7x as everyone else did. After countless dying, getting my body looted, etc (learning the ropes), everything changed when He suggested I get into real estate. Being the curious type, I needed to know more, and after explaining to me how it all worked, I quickly found myself with quite a few small properties just begging to be sold.

Fast Forward to 1998-2004
4 accounts with all character slots filled, homes on ALL characters on each account, all characters 7x.. I had my hands full, and UO became quite literally, a "JOB". For those who used to frequent the website TradeSpot, you might remember seeing my name there constantly lol, Three names that stand out when it comes to this period in my UO life are: Markee Dragon, Tellamon, and Dungeon King (dk). At the time, they were the 3 guys I was competing with on Baja, and I know you've heard of a few of those names, if not all. Toward the end, I guess I had burnt myself out BIGTIME, so I threw in the towel and got rid of all of my accounts.. then World of Warcraft arrived, but that's an entirely different story :P

In the more recent past, I've played on Hybrid and UOF for a few years each, doing real-estate on both and now that I've moved to UOEpidemic, I find myself liking the server A LOT! It's nice and cozy here, without all of the BS that plagues high-pop servers. I have no intention of getting back into shard real-estate, and I plan to finally "play" the game :D

Cheers, and see you guys in game!

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Re: A formal Introduction..

Postby Damion » Wed Jul 25, 2018 6:34 pm

We are happy to have you here Kmotion and thank you for giving us an insight into your UO life!

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