UO Epidemic Updates 11.19.18

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UO Epidemic Updates 11.19.18

Postby Damion » Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:30 pm

UO Epidemic Updates 11.19.18

The server has officially been moved to a 1gb download/upload speed fiber isp!

Automatic Events will occur everyday of the week at 9PM CST other than throne and Abyssal Infernal which start at 8PM CST
Sunday - Abyssal Infernal 8PM CST
Monday - Free For All 9PM CST
Tuesday - Capture The Flag (CTF) 9PM CST
Wednesday - 2v2 Standard 7X + Potions Tournament 9PM CST
Thursday - 1v1 Standard 7X + Potions Tournament 9PM CST
Friday - Battle for the Throne 8PM CST
Saturday - Team Deathmatch 9PM CST

Join us and bring some friends every night at 9PM CST for some fun!

Thanksgiving Event starts now and lasts until Black Friday
Mister Gobbles and a pack of turkeys have appeared in Britain Farmlands. Kill Mister Gobbles for a chance to receive a powerscroll!

Login: UOEpidemic.com
Port: 2593

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