UO Epidemic Updates 1.26.18

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UO Epidemic Updates 1.26.18

Postby Damion » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:45 pm

UO Epidemic Updates 1.26.18

The Throne Player City Event has been added!

Players will battle every week from 12am Saturday to 12am Sunday over Lord British's Throne! Be the city with the most points after 24hours in order to hold the Throne for the week.

After a city has won the Throne for the week, the mayor will receive 1000 silver coins and will have control over a tax increase for all vendors in the world outside of player created cities. When an item is purchased all tax collected will return to the city treasury in control of the Throne!

[Throne command has been added to check the scoreboard

A new silver vendor has been placed in Britain

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