UO Epidemic Updates 12.27.17

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UO Epidemic Updates 12.27.17

Postby Damion » Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:18 pm

UO Epidemic Updates 12.27.17

Starting tomorrow 12.27.17 at 12pm CST

Custom Housing prices will be significantly reduced!

All rare robes(elven robes, champ robes, etc.) will have +8ar.

Tsuki Wolf will be added but will not drop tsuki wolf crystals for a limited time.

Tsuki Wolf Evo pet will be added. (Available currently through Christmas Auction - bid here: uoepidemic.com/uoforum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1259)

All ships will now have a 14 day decay rate.

Mating for Evolution pets will now take 30 days to reproduce.

Factions will become obsolete.

Player Cities will start to take on more Faction-like characteristics.

Citizens will earn 100 silver for killing a person from another city which is not allied, if a pure kill point can be earned.

As a citizen, any non-allied citizens of other cities will now be freely attackable and appear orange, everywhere other than Britain.

City robes which can be double clicked into a shroud will now be craftable. It will have +8ar, decays in 7 days and can only be worn by citizens. When a citizen puts the robe on, the robe will turn the hue their of their city and change the name of the robe to their cities name!

Cities can now select a unique, custom hue for their citizens to wear. Once a hue has been selected, it is no longer available to be used by another city. If you have a city, get ready to pick a hue you want to show off as your own!

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