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Postby Tillblik » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:33 pm

I visit 4 vendors every time my inv is full and created this macro to make using my sell agent that much easier.

Code: Select all
if inrange 0x62 8
  clickobject 0x62
  waitforcontext 0x62 2 15000
elseif inrange 0x19eef 8
  clickobject 0x19eef
  waitforcontext 0x19eef 2 15000
elseif inrange 0x121ef 8
  clickobject 0x121ef
  waitforcontext 0x121ef 2 15000
elseif inrange 0xba 8
  clickobject 0xba
  waitforcontext 0xba 2 15000

they are the
Laurie the Blacksmith (outside brit gate)
Fremont the Tanner (leather shop brit)
Brendan the Weaponsmith (next to brit bank behind casino)
Beradine the Jeweler (East of Brit bank)

feel free to use the object inspection tool to get the serials for your own favorite vendors.

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