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UO Steam Quick Setup

Postby Damion » Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:20 pm

Download UOSteam

Install UOSteam

Check the box for Remove Encryption

Paste this in for Shard: UOEpidemic.com
Paste this in for Port: 2593

Uncheck Encryption required

Press Start

Create a new profile named after one of your characters

Look at filters ....Light, Seasons, Weather, Repeated Messages.... do you want any filters?

suggestions - Minimize to system tray, reduce cpu usage

The button in the very bottom right of the general tab will link the profile to this character
Eventually you will make a profile for each character, but it's easiest to do this if you completely finish a profile for one character and then duplicate it for your others and then make any necessary changes

Right click the map, check Team>Party, Team>Guild>Members, Team>Guild>hit points, options>attach to uo, options>Open on login, options>Smooth image

General Tab: open corpses within 2 tiles, display new corpse names, Auto accept party invites, auto search new containers
If you want to resize your game window you must do this before you log in.

Combat Tab: color spell text, Flags above people and creatures, prevent dismount in warmode, Highlight current target, limit target range in 12 tiles, block heal if poisoned, Smart last targeting

Friends Tab:
Include party members, Prevent attacking friends in warmode.
Consider only this as valid friends

Title Bar Tab:
set Custom title bar mode to Graphic
set up a spell grid under the options tab

Set hotkeys for all your spells, potions, etc.
To usetype bandage, make a hotkey for "Bandage Mount"

For targeting you may want to look at using
Targeting>Get Enemy>Closest>Murderer>Both
Targeting>Get Enemy>Closest>Innocent>Both
Targeting>Get Enemy>Closest>Criminal/Grey>Both
Targeting>Get Enemy>Nearest>Murderer>Both(cycles between two closest)
Targeting>Get Enemy>Nearest>Innocent>Both(cycles between two closest)
Targeting>Get Enemy>Nearest>Criminal/Grey>Both(cycles between two closest)

The above may help in situations where you can grab a person health bar but do not rely on them for all your fighting or you may regret it.

Last queued
Self queued
clear target queue

Organizer tab: Ability to organize mass amounts from one bag into another bag by making different organizers

Scavenger tab: Ability to scavenge items from the ground

Macros: Often very useful to have, bind these to a key for easy access.

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