Taming on Epidemic

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Taming on Epidemic

Postby Lakrits » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:29 am

Many people have asked me for a taming guide, so here it goes.
The process is split up into 3 stages

50-71/71-95 and 95-100.

I highly recommend that your character has enough magery to make gateways when you start on this guide, it'll help out a lot.
First of, 50-71, you tame panthers, hinds, great harts and bears. Best places to do this is around Britain moongate, Moonglow or Occlo.

When you reach 71, you're ready to start taming bulls. This is the long haul, and since Delucia now has closed, it's even longer.
There is the concept that every animal gets harder to tame the more times it gets tamed. Which means that the first time a bull gets tamed, it's difficulty is set to 71.1. The second time it gets tamed it's difficulty is 77.1.
So, when you first reach 71.1 you tame bulls to 77.1 which is when you bring in your first tamer, the one you got with the skillball. Tame bulls and release them somewhere, these will now have the difficulty of 77.1 and give better skillgains.
This is the reason why you should train 2 tamers simuntaniously. Because one tamer can be one step behind the other.


Look there on the list to see how the bulls regulate when tamed.
You can always bring in a friend to help you get bulls harder to tame, so you can use bulls all the way up to 89.1 taming which is where it stop, or really around 95. Which is when I recommend you locate the Unicorn or Ki rin and start taming that one daily for gains. If you're in a hurry, tame dragons.

This is a good place to tame bulls, it's just outside Trinsic.

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Re: Taming on Epidemic

Postby FredNy » Sat May 04, 2019 11:20 am

How difficult is to tame the Unicorn? Is it straightforward or do you have to do something special?

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Re: Taming on Epidemic

Postby Lakrits » Sun May 05, 2019 4:41 am

Unicorns are a good few points to raise from 95 and upwards. This was a long time I tried, but I seem to recall that you could only tame one per day. If that is because of a limitation or simply because the unicorn has a 24h spawntimer, I cant seem to recall.

Other than that, Unicorns can only be tamed by females and Ki-rins only by male characters. Atleast thats how it's always been, so I figure its the same here, even though Im not sure I ever tried a unicorn with a male.

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