The Dread Lord Alyster-McFiend, Grandmaster Tamer
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Grandmaster:<br>Animal Lore
Animal Lore
Grandmaster:<br>Spirit Speak
Spirit Speak
Sex Race Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fame Karma
Male Human 95 35 95 12627 -12691
Alyster-McFiend the Ultra Newb's PvP Stats
Murders Pure Wins Wins Losses Res Kills Times Res Killed
0 -4 10 13 1 1
PvP Rank Last Pwner Last Pwned Points Lost Points Spent Total Points
Ultra Newb None SixFingers 8 0 -1
Alyster-McFiend the Collector of Arachannes 's PvM Stats
Slayer Category Monster Kills Title Awarded
Giant Rat Slayer 3569 Eradicator of Giant Rats
Slime Slayer 3564 Eradicator of Slimes
Pixie Slayer 2959 Eradicator of Pixies
Alligator Slayer 2933 Eradicator of Alligators
Lizardman Slayer 2612 Eradicator of Lizardmen
Ratman Slayer 2219 Slayer of Ratmen
Orc Slayer 1886 Slayer of Orcs
Lich Slayer 1531 Slayer of Liches
Ghoul Slayer 1501 Slayer of Ghouls
Hell Hound Slayer 1225 Hunter of Hell Hounds
Drake Slayer 1167 Hunter of Drakes
Frost Spider Slayer 1147 Slayer of Frost Spiders
Lich Lord Slayer 1088 Slayer of Lich Lords
Infected Elf Slayer 1049 Hunter of Infected Elves
Skeleton Slayer 1043 Slayer of Skeletons
Earth Elemental Slayer 1016 Slayer of Earth Elementals
Dire Wolf Slayer 958 Master of Dire Wolves
Dark Orc Slayer 953 Master of Dark Orcs
Wraith Slayer 942 Master of Wraiths
Giant Spider Slayer 921 Master of Giant Spiders
Gargoyle Slayer 896 Master of Gargoyles
Ice Snake Slayer 889 Hunter of Ice Snakes
Giant Serpent Slayer 825 Hunter of Giant Serpents
Shade Slayer 799 Master of Shades
Ettin Slayer 770 Hunter of Ettins
Infected Gargoyle Slayer 766 Hunter of Infected Gargoyles
Snake Slayer 765 Master of Snakes
Infected Evil Mage Lord Slayer 718 Master of Infected Evil Mage Lords
Fire Elemental Slayer 655 Master of Fire Elementals
Spectre Slayer 653 Master of Spectres
Frost Ooze Slayer 646 Master of Frost Oozes
Frost Troll Slayer 626 Master of Frost Trolls
Harpy Slayer 613 Master of Harpies
Imp Slayer 610 Master of Imps
Zombie Slayer 598 Master of Zombies
Water Elemental Slayer 587 Master of Water Elementals
Dragon Slayer 570 Master of Dragons
Reaper Slayer 570 Master of Reapers
Troll Slayer 557 Master of Trolls
Gazer Slayer 551 Master of Gazers
Corpser Slayer 551 Master of Corpsers
Rat Slayer 547 Master of Rats
Air Elemental Slayer 547 Master of Air Elementals
Ice Elemental Slayer 539 Master of Ice Elementals
Sewer Rat Slayer 537 Master of Sewer Rats
Scorpion Slayer 526 Master of Scorpions
Sheep Slayer 517 Master of Sheep
Ratman Mage Slayer 514 Master of Ratman Mages
Orcish Lord Slayer 503 Master of Orcish Lords
Ice Serpent Slayer 502 Master of Ice Serpents
Orc Bomber Slayer 459 Bleeder of Orc Bombers
Blood Elemental Slayer 449 Bleeder of Blood Elementals
Hell Cat Slayer 446 Bleeder of Hell Cats
Daemon Slayer 417 Bleeder of Daemons
Lava Lizard Slayer 381 Bleeder of Lava Lizards
Ogre Slayer 363 Bleeder of Ogres
Llama Slayer 356 Bleeder of Llamas
Wyvern Slayer 339 Bleeder of Wyverns
Cow Slayer 338 Bleeder of Cows
Mongbat Slayer 333 Bleeder of Mongbats
White Wolf Slayer 313 Bleeder of White Wolves
Bone Knight Slayer 309 Bleeder of Bone Knights
Bull Slayer 305 Bleeder of Bulls
Walrus Slayer 304 Bleeder of Walruses
AncientLich Slayer 293 Hunter of Ancient Liches
Bullfrog Slayer 289 Bleeder of Bullfrogs
Skeletal Knight Slayer 289 Bleeder of Skeletal Knights
Polar Bear Slayer 287 Bleeder of Polar Bears
Chicken Slayer 285 Bleeder of Chickens
White Wyrm Slayer 285 Hunter of White Wyrms
Infected Cyclops Slayer 283 Bleeder of Infected Cyclopses
Ratman Archer Slayer 282 Bleeder of Ratman Archers
Gazer Larva Slayer 281 Bleeder of Gazer Larvas
Infected Elf Mage Slayer 277 Bleeder of Infected Elf Mages
Great Hart Slayer 270 Bleeder of Great Harts
Mummy Slayer 268 Bleeder of Mummies
Timber Wolf Slayer 265 Bleeder of Timber Wolves
Panther Slayer 263 Bleeder of Panthers
Bird Slayer 261 Bleeder of Birds
Elder Dragon Slayer 261 Hunter of Elder Dragons
Skeletal Dragon Slayer 258 Hunter of Skeletal Dragons
Greater Mongbat Slayer 255 Bleeder of Greater Mongbats
Crystal Elemental Slayer 254 Bleeder of Crystal Elementals
Dog Slayer 254 Bleeder of Dogs
Balron Slayer 253 Hunter of Balrons
Hind Slayer 250 Bleeder of Hinds
Snow Leopard Slayer 250 Bleeder of Snow Leopards
Bogling Slayer 234 Collector of Boglings
Cougar Slayer 230 Collector of Cougars
Arin Slayer 226 Hunter of Arin
Grey Wolf Slayer 224 Collector of Grey Wolves
Goat Slayer 222 Collector of Goats
Ice Fiend Slayer 222 Collector of Ice Fiends
Horse Slayer 219 Collector of Horses
Infected Ettin Slayer 217 Collector of Infected Ettins
Cat Slayer 217 Collector of Cats
Brown Bear Slayer 216 Collector of Brown Bears
Plague Spawn Slayer 216 Collector of Plague Spawn
Dread Spider Slayer 214 Collector of Dread Spiders
Boar Slayer 213 Collector of Boars
Infected Orc Slayer 212 Collector of Infected Orcs
Ogre Lord Slayer 208 Collector of Ogre Lords
Craeg Slayer 207 Hunter of Craeg
Young Dragon Slayer 204 Collector of Young Dragons
Raziel Slayer 201 Hunter of Raziel
Eagle Slayer 198 Collector of Eagles
Valornung Slayer 192 Master of Valornung
Bogle Slayer 187 Collector of Bogles
Orcish Mage Slayer 184 Collector of Orcish Mages
Juka Warrior Slayer 183 Collector of Juka Warriors
Pig Slayer 180 Collector of Pigs
Efreet Slayer 174 Collector of Efreets
Black Bear Slayer 172 Collector of Black Bears
Dark Orcish Mage Slayer 158 Collector of Dark Orcish Mages
Infected Ratman Archer Slayer 156 Collector of Infected Ratman Archers
Rotting Corpse Slayer 151 Collector of Succubi
Stygian Dragon Slayer 151 Master of Stygian Dragons
Ophidian Archmage Slayer 145 Collector of Ophidian Archmages
Infected Savage Skeleton Slayer 143 Collector of Infected Savage Skeletons
Infected Ratman Mage Slayer 143 Collector of Infected Ratman Mages
Atup Slayer 140 Master of Atup
Be'lakor Slayer 140 Master of Be'lakor
Frenzied Ostard Slayer 139 Collector of Frenzied Ostards
Kaleth Slayer 138 Master of Kaleth
Aesina Slayer 137 Master of Aesina
Headless One Slayer 135 Collector of Headless Ones
Lava Snake Slayer 132 Collector of Lava Snakes
Ysagubar Slayer 123 Master of Ysagubar
Golem Controller Slayer 122 Collector of Golem Controllers
Ophidian Warrior Slayer 113 Collector of Ophidian Warriors
Terathan Drone Slayer 113 Collector of Terathan Drones
Infected Ogre Slayer 110 Collector of Infected Ogres
Grizzly Bear Slayer 106 Collector of Grizzly Bears
Frenzied Bull Slayer 104 Collector of Frenzied Bulls
Terathan Avenger Slayer 104 Collector of Terathan Avengers
Infected Troll Slayer 103 Collector of Infected Trolls
Terathan Warrior Slayer 102 Collector of Terathan Warriors
Terathan Matriarch Slayer 100 Collector of Terathan Matriarchs
Fire Ant Slayer 100 Collector of Fire Ants
Waruk Slayer 99 Bleeder of Waruk
Ophidian Matriarch Slayer 83 Tracker of Ophidian Matriarchs
Shadow Wyrm Slayer 77 Bleeder of Shadow Wyrms
Infected Orc Captain Slayer 73 Tracker of Infected Orc Captains
Farmers Chicken Slayer 73 Tracker of Farmers Chickens
Unicorn Slayer 73 Tracker of Unicorns
Silver Serpent Slayer 68 Tracker of Silver Serpents
Ophidian Knight Slayer 66 Tracker of Ophidian Knights
Infected Enslaved Gargoyle Slayer 64 Tracker of Infected Enslaved Gargoyles
Gorilla Slayer 64 Tracker of Gorillas
Brigand Slayer 60 Tracker of Brigands
Lava Serpent Slayer 60 Tracker of Lava Serpents
Evil Mage Lord Slayer 59 Tracker of Evil Mage Lords
Elder Gazer Slayer 59 Tracker of Elder Gazers
Whipping Vine Slayer 59 Tracker of Whipping Vines
Infected Orcish Mage Slayer 59 Tracker of Infected Orcish Mages
Rabbit Slayer 58 Tracker of Rabbits
Infected Executioner Slayer 57 Tracker of Infected Executioners
Evil Mage Slayer 56 Tracker of Evil Mages
Orc Captain Slayer 56 Tracker of Orc Captains
Ophidian Mage Slayer 56 Tracker of Ophidian Mages
Infected Savage Slayer 55 Tracker of Infected Savages
Giant Black Widow Slayer 55 Tracker of Giant Black Widows
Sea Serpent Slayer 54 Tracker of Sea Serpents
Swamp Dragon Slayer 54 Bleeder of Swamp Dragons
Bone Magi Slayer 54 Tracker of Bone Magis
Wolf Spider Slayer 54 Tracker of Wolf Spiders
Decaying Corpse Slayer 53 Tracker of Decaying Corpses
Kraken Slayer 53 Tracker of Kraken
Orc Scout Slayer 53 Tracker of Orc Scouts
Infected Gazer Slayer 53 Tracker of Infected Gazers
Dull Copper Elemental Slayer 52 Bleeder of Dull Copper Elementals
Swamp Tentacle Slayer 52 Tracker of Swamp Tentacles
Forest Ostard Slayer 52 Tracker of Forest Ostards
Juka Mage Slayer 51 Tracker of Juka Mages
Arctic Ogre Lord Slayer 50 Tracker of Arctic Ogre Lords
Infected Ogre Lord Slayer 50 Tracker of Infected Ogre Lords
Poison Elemental Slayer 50 Tracker of Poison Elementals
Infected Succubus Slayer 50 Tracker of Infected Succubi
Acid Elemental Slayer 50 Tracker of Acid Elementals
Juka Lord Slayer 50 Tracker of Juka Lords
Mystic Sheep Slayer 50 Tracker of Mystic Sheep
Wisp Slayer 50 Tracker of Wisps
Infected Olaeni Slayer 50 Tracker of Infected Olaeni
Healer Slayer 50 Tracker of Healers
Centaur Slayer 50 Tracker of Centaurs
Nightmare Slayer 43 Collector of Nightmares
Arachannes Slayer 41 Collector of Arachannes
Infected Aluniol Slayer 37 Collector of Infected Aluniol
Plague Beast Slayer 31
Skeletal Mount Slayer 30 Collector of Skeletal Steeds
Ancient Wyrm Slayer 29 Collector of Ancient Wyrms
Stone Gargoyle Slayer 29
Bog Thing Slayer 28
Infected Elven Queen Slayer 28 Collector of the Elven Queen
Tsuki Wolf Slayer 28 Collector of Tsuki Wolves
Infected Alelle Slayer 27 Collector of Infected Alelle
Flesh Renderer Slayer 26 Bleeder of Flesh Renderers
Infected Savage Rider Slayer 24
Stone Harpy Slayer 22
Sand Vortex Slayer 22 Collector of Sand Vortexes
Infected Gargoyle Destroyer Slayer 20
Titan Slayer 19 Collector of Titans
Infected Daelus Slayer 19 Collector of Infected Daelus
Infected Titan Slayer 18 Collector of Infected Titans
Areop Enap Slayer 18 Collector of Areop Enap
Impaler Slayer 17 Collector of Impalers
Charger Slayer 17 Collector of Chargers
Infected Savage Shaman Slayer 15
Sentinel Spider Slayer 15
Infected Orc Bomber Slayer 14
Golem Slayer 13
Fire Gargoyle Slayer 12
Infected Betrayer Slayer 12
Desert Ostard Slayer 12
Executioner Slayer 11
Demon Knight Slayer 11 Collector of Demon Knights
Phoenix Slayer 11 Collector of Phoenixes
Serpentine Dragon Slayer 8
Strong Mongbat Slayer 7
Infected Savage Archer Slayer 6
Infected Moloch Slayer 5 Tracker of Infected Molochs
Abysmal Horror Slayer 5 Tracker of Abysmal Horrors
Infected Orc Brute Slayer 5
Infected Balron Slayer 5 Tracker of Infected Balrons
Infected Juggernaut Slayer 5 Tracker of Infected Juggernauts
Fire Daemon Slayer 5 Tracker of Fire Daemons
Beetle Slayer 4
Barracoon Slayer 4
Orc Brute Slayer 4
Infected Elven King Slayer 3
Giant Toad Slayer 2
Mephitis Slayer 1 Tracker of Mephitis
Tony's Crazy Horse Slayer 1
Medusa Slayer 1 Tracker of Medusa
Infected Orcish Lord Slayer 1
Rune Beetle Slayer 1
Darknight Creeper Slayer 1
Neira Slayer 1 Tracker of Neira
Deep Sea Serpent Slayer 1
Hiryu Slayer 1
Fire Ant Queen Slayer 1
Total Monster Types: 241 Total Monster Kills: 76686 Total Titles Awarded: 211