The Dread of the Wild, Legendary Veterinarian
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Elder:<br>Animal Lore
Animal Lore
Grandmaster:<br>Spirit Speak
Spirit Speak
Sex Race Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fame Karma
Male Human 95 30 100 6928 -13000
of the Wild the Newbie's PvP Stats
Murders Pure Wins Wins Losses Res Kills Times Res Killed
0 2 27 16 9 0
PvP Rank Last Pwner Last Pwned Points Lost Points Spent Total Points
Newbie Urza BotVL 12 0 1
of the Wild the Collector of Elder Dragons 's PvM Stats
Slayer Category Monster Kills Title Awarded
Giant Rat Slayer 1978 Slayer of Giant Rats
Slime Slayer 1925 Slayer of Slimes
Ratman Slayer 1400 Hunter of Ratmen
Dire Wolf Slayer 1177 Hunter of Dire Wolves
Ratman Mage Slayer 658 Master of Ratman Mages
Hell Hound Slayer 589 Master of Hell Hounds
Plague Spawn Slayer 471 Bleeder of Plague Spawn
Lizardman Slayer 325 Bleeder of Lizardmen
Ratman Archer Slayer 261 Bleeder of Ratman Archers
Snake Slayer 247 Collector of Snakes
Infected Savage Skeleton Slayer 212 Collector of Infected Savage Skeletons
Crystal Elemental Slayer 180 Collector of Crystal Elementals
Bogling Slayer 180 Collector of Boglings
Ophidian Warrior Slayer 161 Collector of Ophidian Warriors
Silver Serpent Slayer 154 Collector of Silver Serpents
Frost Spider Slayer 145 Collector of Frost Spiders
Lich Slayer 136 Collector of Liches
Drake Slayer 124 Collector of Drakes
Ogre Slayer 118 Collector of Ogres
Lava Lizard Slayer 115 Collector of Lava Lizards
Lich Lord Slayer 108 Collector of Lich Lords
Blood Elemental Slayer 103 Collector of Blood Elementals
Ice Snake Slayer 94 Tracker of Ice Snakes
Ice Elemental Slayer 92 Tracker of Ice Elementals
Frost Ooze Slayer 72 Tracker of Frost Oozes
Frost Troll Slayer 65 Tracker of Frost Trolls
Giant Spider Slayer 62 Tracker of Giant Spiders
Plague Beast Slayer 62 Tracker of Plague Beasts
Giant Serpent Slayer 61 Tracker of Giant Serpents
Bog Thing Slayer 59 Tracker of Bog Things
Scorpion Slayer 57 Tracker of Scorpions
Ophidian Archmage Slayer 55 Tracker of Ophidian Archmages
Pixie Slayer 52 Tracker of Pixies
Daemon Slayer 49
Orc Slayer 48
Juka Warrior Slayer 48
Earth Elemental Slayer 46
Imp Slayer 45
Infected Ratman Archer Slayer 44
Gargoyle Slayer 43
Dread Spider Slayer 43
Balron Slayer 39 Collector of Balrons
Aesina Slayer 33 Collector of Aesina
Infected Ratman Mage Slayer 32
Gazer Slayer 32
Terathan Drone Slayer 32
Terathan Warrior Slayer 32
Dragon Slayer 31
Skeletal Mount Slayer 31 Collector of Skeletal Steeds
Stygian Dragon Slayer 31 Collector of Stygian Dragons
Craeg Slayer 31 Collector of Craeg
Charger Slayer 31 Collector of Chargers
Elder Gazer Slayer 29
Valornung Slayer 29 Collector of Valornung
Poison Elemental Slayer 28
White Wyrm Slayer 27 Collector of White Wyrms
Greater Mongbat Slayer 27
Ancient Wyrm Slayer 26 Collector of Ancient Wyrms
Terathan Matriarch Slayer 26
Kaleth Slayer 25 Collector of Kaleth
AncientLich Slayer 25 Collector of Ancient Liches
Dark Orc Slayer 24
Fire Elemental Slayer 24
Abysmal Horror Slayer 23 Collector of Abysmal Horrors
Ogre Lord Slayer 23
Troll Slayer 22
Ice Serpent Slayer 22
Raziel Slayer 22 Collector of Raziel
Chicken Slayer 22
Kraken Slayer 21
Elder Dragon Slayer 20 Collector of Elder Dragons
Nightmare Slayer 17 Collector of Nightmares
Skeletal Dragon Slayer 17 Collector of Skeletal Dragons
Orcish Mage Slayer 16
Executioner Slayer 15
Evil Mage Slayer 15
Orcish Lord Slayer 14
Shadow Wyrm Slayer 14 Collector of Shadow Wyrms
Skeleton Slayer 13
Golem Controller Slayer 13
Juka Lord Slayer 13
Ettin Slayer 12
Sea Serpent Slayer 12
Ghoul Slayer 12
Golem Slayer 12
Arctic Ogre Lord Slayer 11
Ice Fiend Slayer 11
Juka Mage Slayer 11
Barracoon Slayer 11 Collector of the Barracoon
Evil Mage Lord Slayer 9
Air Elemental Slayer 9
Harpy Slayer 8
Zombie Slayer 8
Water Elemental Slayer 8
Whipping Vine Slayer 8
Ophidian Knight Slayer 8
Dark Orcish Mage Slayer 7
Rotting Corpse Slayer 7
Titan Slayer 7 Tracker of Titans
Wyvern Slayer 7
Infected Betrayer Slayer 6
Wolf Spider Slayer 6
Alligator Slayer 6
Rat Slayer 6
Plague Beast Lord Slayer 6
Terathan Avenger Slayer 6
Infected Titan Slayer 5 Tracker of Infected Titans
Infected Executioner Slayer 5
Flesh Renderer Slayer 5 Tracker of Flesh Renderers
Infected Elf Slayer 5
Infected Enslaved Gargoyle Slayer 5
Be'lakor Slayer 5 Tracker of Be'lakor
Atup Slayer 5 Tracker of Atup
Tsuki Wolf Slayer 5 Tracker of Tsuki Wolves
Gazer Larva Slayer 5
Mongbat Slayer 4
Infected Elf Mage Slayer 4
Orc Bomber Slayer 4
Acid Elemental Slayer 4
Giant Black Widow Slayer 4
Farmers Chicken Slayer 4
Bird Slayer 4
Great Hart Slayer 4
Arin Slayer 4
Decaying Corpse Slayer 4
Wraith Slayer 4
Impaler Slayer 4
Spectre Slayer 3
Orc Captain Slayer 3
Dull Copper Elemental Slayer 3
Orc Brute Slayer 3
Arachannes Slayer 3
Horse Slayer 3
Brown Bear Slayer 3
Goat Slayer 3
Healer Slayer 2
Corpser Slayer 2
Infected Succubus Slayer 2
Infected Ogre Slayer 2
Infected Ettin Slayer 2
Infected Cyclops Slayer 2
Reaper Slayer 2
Sentinel Spider Slayer 2
Headless One Slayer 2
Frenzied Bull Slayer 2
Rikktor Slayer 2 Tracker of Rikktor
Bogle Slayer 2
Bull Slayer 2
Infected Gazer Slayer 1
Walrus Slayer 1
Areop Enap Slayer 1
Cat Slayer 1
Mystic Sheep Slayer 1
Shade Slayer 1
Demon Knight Slayer 1
Skeletal Knight Slayer 1
Abyssal Infernal Slayer 1 Tracker of Abyssal Infernal
Young Dragon Slayer 1
Bullfrog Slayer 1
Sheep Slayer 1
Grey Wolf Slayer 1
Timber Wolf Slayer 1
Darknight Creeper Slayer 1
Tony's Crazy Horse Slayer 1
Total Monster Types: 164 Total Monster Kills: 13204 Total Titles Awarded: 59