The Glorious Lady Laseen, Legendary Rouser
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Grandmaster:<br>Animal Lore
Animal Lore
Sex Race Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fame Karma
Female Human 95 30 100 15000 15000
Laseen the Ultra Newb's PvP Stats
Murders Pure Wins Wins Losses Res Kills Times Res Killed
0 -11 3 14 0 0
PvP Rank Last Pwner Last Pwned Points Lost Points Spent Total Points
Ultra Newb Salty Vagina None 3 0 -1
Laseen the Citizen's City Details
City Title City Name Owes Back Taxes Back Taxes Owed Profession Last Online
Citizen Citadel No 0 Naturalist 1/27/2020 3:55:27 PM
Laseen the Bleeder of Infected Molochs 's PvM Stats
Slayer Category Monster Kills Title Awarded
Infected Savage Skeleton Slayer 7361 Destroyer of Infected Savage Skeletons
Alligator Slayer 3394 Eradicator of Alligators
Infected Elf Slayer 1377 Hunter of Infected Elves
Dark Orc Slayer 1298 Hunter of Dark Orcs
Earth Elemental Slayer 1130 Slayer of Earth Elementals
Orc Bomber Slayer 1109 Hunter of Orc Bombers
Giant Rat Slayer 712 Master of Giant Rats
Slime Slayer 659 Master of Slimes
Orc Slayer 526 Master of Orcs
Infected Elven Queen Slayer 510 Eradicator of the Elven Queen
Waruk Slayer 485 Slayer of Waruk
Atup Slayer 467 Slayer of Atup
Efreet Slayer 457 Bleeder of Efreets
Balron Slayer 423 Slayer of Balrons
Ysagubar Slayer 388 Slayer of Ysagubar
Ice Fiend Slayer 363 Bleeder of Ice Fiends
Lich Lord Slayer 361 Bleeder of Lich Lords
Lich Slayer 349 Bleeder of Liches
Ice Serpent Slayer 347 Bleeder of Ice Serpents
Arin Slayer 279 Hunter of Arin
Ratman Slayer 276 Bleeder of Ratmen
Skeletal Dragon Slayer 257 Hunter of Skeletal Dragons
Dire Wolf Slayer 247 Collector of Dire Wolves
Frost Spider Slayer 231 Collector of Frost Spiders
Ghoul Slayer 208 Collector of Ghouls
Raziel Slayer 206 Hunter of Raziel
Be'lakor Slayer 205 Hunter of Be'lakor
Titan Slayer 202 Hunter of Titans
White Wyrm Slayer 200 Hunter of White Wyrms
Kaleth Slayer 199 Master of Kaleth
Infected Elf Mage Slayer 190 Collector of Infected Elf Mages
Abysmal Horror Slayer 188 Slayer of Abysmal Horrors
Elder Dragon Slayer 178 Master of Elder Dragons
Ice Elemental Slayer 177 Collector of Ice Elementals
Craeg Slayer 177 Master of Craeg
Hell Hound Slayer 170 Collector of Hell Hounds
Giant Spider Slayer 167 Collector of Giant Spiders
Flesh Renderer Slayer 155 Slayer of Flesh Renderers
Infected Orcish Mage Slayer 148 Collector of Infected Orcish Mages
Charger Slayer 147 Master of Chargers
Evil Mage Slayer 139 Collector of Evil Mages
Rotting Corpse Slayer 138 Collector of Rotting Corpses
Tsuki Wolf Slayer 135 Master of Tsuki Wolves
Stygian Dragon Slayer 132 Master of Stygian Dragons
Valornung Slayer 131 Master of Valornung
Ratman Mage Slayer 125 Collector of Ratman Mages
Infected Olaeni Slayer 113 Collector of Infected Olaeni
AncientLich Slayer 100 Master of Ancient Liches
Infected Aluniol Slayer 99 Bleeder of Infected Aluniol
Spectre Slayer 96 Tracker of Spectres
Phoenix Slayer 90 Bleeder of Phoenixes
Infected Gargoyle Destroyer Slayer 84 Tracker of Infected Gargoyle Destroyers
Wraith Slayer 82 Tracker of Wraiths
Ancient Wyrm Slayer 81 Bleeder of Ancient Wyrms
Infected Juggernaut Slayer 79 Bleeder of Infected Juggernauts
Impaler Slayer 77 Master of Impalers
Dread Spider Slayer 76 Tracker of Dread Spiders
Infected Betrayer Slayer 76 Tracker of Infected Betrayers
Infected Elven King Slayer 76 Bleeder of the Elven King
Mummy Slayer 75 Tracker of Mummies
Air Elemental Slayer 73 Tracker of Air Elementals
Shade Slayer 73 Tracker of Shades
Infected Orc Slayer 73 Tracker of Infected Orcs
Infected Moloch Slayer 71 Bleeder of Infected Molochs
Ice Snake Slayer 70 Tracker of Ice Snakes
Skeleton Slayer 67 Tracker of Skeletons
Darknight Creeper Slayer 67 Master of Darknight Creepers
Lava Lizard Slayer 64 Tracker of Lava Lizards
Ogre Slayer 62 Tracker of Ogres
Shadow Knight Slayer 61 Master of Shadow Knights
Frost Troll Slayer 60 Tracker of Frost Trolls
Skeletal Knight Slayer 57 Tracker of Skeletal Knights
Drake Slayer 55 Tracker of Drakes
Demon Knight Slayer 55 Master of Davey Jones
Fire Elemental Slayer 54 Tracker of Fire Elementals
Daemon Slayer 51 Tracker of Daemons
Infected Alelle Slayer 51 Bleeder of Infected Alelle
Zombie Slayer 47
Rune Beetle Slayer 46 Collector of Rune Beetles
Infected Savage Slayer 45
Infected Daelus Slayer 45 Collector of Infected Daelus
Ettin Slayer 41
Arachannes Slayer 41 Collector of Arachannes
Bone Knight Slayer 39
Bull Slayer 32
Troll Slayer 30
Harpy Slayer 30
Decaying Corpse Slayer 29
Frost Ooze Slayer 29
Bogle Slayer 28
Infected Savage Rider Slayer 27
Gargoyle Slayer 26
Poison Elemental Slayer 24
Lizardman Slayer 24
Giant Serpent Slayer 23
Water Elemental Slayer 23
Stone Gargoyle Slayer 23
Deep Sea Serpent Slayer 19
Swamp Tentacle Slayer 19
Fire Gargoyle Slayer 19
Infected Orc Captain Slayer 19
Drowned Pirate Slayer 18
Juka Warrior Slayer 18
Lava Snake Slayer 18
Mongbat Slayer 17
Wolf Spider Slayer 17
Golem Slayer 17
Infected Savage Archer Slayer 16
Sewer Rat Slayer 15
Ratman Archer Slayer 15
Bone Magi Slayer 15
Grey Wolf Slayer 14
Silver Serpent Slayer 14
Dragon Slayer 13
Golem Controller Slayer 13
Black Bear Slayer 12
Sentinel Spider Slayer 12
Headless One Slayer 12
Sea Serpent Slayer 11
Aesina Slayer 11 Collector of Aesina
Skeletal Mount Slayer 11 Collector of Skeletal Steeds
Orc Brute Slayer 11 Collector of Orc Brutes
Hell Cat Slayer 11
Corgul Slayer 10 Bleeder of Corgul the Soulbinder
Ophidian Archmage Slayer 10
Blood Elemental Slayer 10
Shadow Wyrm Slayer 9 Tracker of Shadow Wyrms
Infected Savage Shaman Slayer 9
Pixie Slayer 9
Hiryu Slayer 7 Tracker of Hiryus
Scalis Slayer 7 Tracker of the Scalis Enforcer
Corpser Slayer 7
Grizzly Bear Slayer 6
Panther Slayer 6
Bound Soul Slayer 6
Great Hart Slayer 5
Rat Slayer 5
Neira Slayer 5 Collector of Neira
Brown Bear Slayer 4
Ophidian Warrior Slayer 4
Juka Lord Slayer 4
Dark Orcish Mage Slayer 4
Plague Spawn Slayer 4
Hind Slayer 3
Bullfrog Slayer 3
Kraken Slayer 3
Imp Slayer 3
Gazer Larva Slayer 3
Gazer Slayer 3
Acid Elemental Slayer 3
Snow Leopard Slayer 3
White Wolf Slayer 3
Infected Ratman Archer Slayer 3
Bogling Slayer 3
Cougar Slayer 2
Medusa Slayer 2 Collector of Medusa
Juka Mage Slayer 2
Serpentine Dragon Slayer 2
Ogre Lord Slayer 2
Ophidian Knight Slayer 2
Swamp Dragon Slayer 2
Giant Black Widow Slayer 2
Infected Ratman Mage Slayer 2
Infected Balron Slayer 2
Snake Slayer 2
Elder Gazer Slayer 2
Horse Slayer 2
Walrus Slayer 2
Wisp Slayer 2
Plague Beast Slayer 2
Timber Wolf Slayer 1
Polar Bear Slayer 1
Rikktor Slayer 1 Tracker of Rikktor
Areop Enap Slayer 1
Semidar Slayer 1 Tracker of Semidar
Infected Gargoyle Slayer 1
Fire Ant Slayer 1
Scorpion Slayer 1
Lava Serpent Slayer 1
Infected Ettin Slayer 1
Cat Slayer 1
Silvani Slayer 1 Tracker of Silvani
Lord Oaks Slayer 1 Tracker of Lord Oaks
Infected Troll Slayer 1
Bog Thing Slayer 1
Total Monster Types: 185 Total Monster Kills: 30241 Total Titles Awarded: 93