The Nefarious Audra: Eradicator of the Vermin Horde
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Legendary:<br>Spirit Speak
Spirit Speak
Grandmaster:<br>Animal Lore
Animal Lore
Sex Race Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fame Karma
Female Elf 100 25 100 4317 -12304
Audra the Ultra Newb's PvP Stats
Murders Pure Wins Wins Losses Res Kills Times Res Killed
0 -1 0 1 0 0
PvP Rank Last Pwner Last Pwned Points Lost Points Spent Total Points
Ultra Newb Mandy None 1 0 -1
Audra the Citizen's City Details
City Title City Name Owes Back Taxes Back Taxes Owed Profession Last Online
Citizen REKT LLC No 0 Naturalist 5/25/2019 3:41:30 AM
Audra the Vanquisher of Abyssal Infernal 's PvM Stats
Slayer Category Monster Kills Title Awarded
Giant Rat Slayer 6292 Destroyer of Giant Rats
Slime Slayer 5739 Destroyer of Slimes
Ratman Slayer 3217 Eradicator of Ratmen
Dire Wolf Slayer 2446 Slayer of Dire Wolves
Ratman Mage Slayer 1913 Slayer of Ratman Mages
Hell Hound Slayer 1523 Slayer of Hell Hounds
Ratman Archer Slayer 768 Hunter of Ratman Archers
Ogre Slayer 431 Bleeder of Ogres
Silver Serpent Slayer 228 Collector of Silver Serpents
Alligator Slayer 184 Collector of Alligators
Snow Leopard Slayer 147 Collector of Snow Leopards
Walrus Slayer 147 Collector of Walruses
Polar Bear Slayer 110 Collector of Polar Bears
Crystal Elemental Slayer 100 Collector of Crystal Elementals
Mystic Sheep Slayer 88 Tracker of Mystic Sheep
Sewer Rat Slayer 88 Tracker of Sewer Rats
White Wolf Slayer 85 Tracker of White Wolves
Lich Slayer 80 Tracker of Liches
Lich Lord Slayer 72 Tracker of Lich Lords
Evil Mage Slayer 64 Tracker of Evil Mages
Rat Slayer 63 Tracker of Rats
Blood Elemental Slayer 60 Tracker of Blood Elementals
Drake Slayer 42
Infected Savage Slayer 38
Ice Fiend Slayer 37
Bullfrog Slayer 34
Daemon Slayer 33
Lava Snake Slayer 26
Zombie Slayer 26
Bone Knight Slayer 25
Rotting Corpse Slayer 23
Nightmare Slayer 22 Collector of Nightmares
Skeletal Mount Slayer 22 Collector of Skeletal Steeds
Efreet Slayer 22
Balron Slayer 20 Collector of Balrons
Skeletal Knight Slayer 19
Infected Savage Shaman Slayer 19
Hell Cat Slayer 18
Wraith Slayer 18
Frenzied Bull Slayer 17
Mummy Slayer 16
Skeleton Slayer 16
Spectre Slayer 16
Infected Savage Rider Slayer 16
Bogle Slayer 15
Barracoon Slayer 15 Collector of the Barracoon
Skeletal Dragon Slayer 14 Collector of Skeletal Dragons
Dread Spider Slayer 13
Imp Slayer 13
AncientLich Slayer 12 Collector of Ancient Liches
Gargoyle Slayer 12
Infected Savage Archer Slayer 12
Dragon Slayer 11
Fire Gargoyle Slayer 11
Aesina Slayer 10 Collector of Aesina
Ghoul Slayer 10
Chief Paroxysmus Slayer 10 Collector of Chief Paroxysmus
Be'lakor Slayer 10 Collector of Be'lakor
Troll Slayer 9
Lizardman Slayer 9
Poison Elemental Slayer 9
Stygian Dragon Slayer 9 Tracker of Stygian Dragons
Elder Dragon Slayer 9 Tracker of Elder Dragons
Shadow Wyrm Slayer 9 Tracker of Shadow Wyrms
Abyssal Infernal Slayer 9 Vanquisher of Abyssal Infernal
Fire Elemental Slayer 8
Orc Slayer 8
Hiryu Slayer 8 Tracker of Hiryus
Arachannes Slayer 7 Tracker of Arachannes
Areop Enap Slayer 7 Tracker of Areop Enap
Evil Mage Lord Slayer 7
Mago Aprendiz Slayer 7
Mongbat Slayer 5
Giant Spider Slayer 5
Ettin Slayer 5
Lava Lizard Slayer 5
Wolf Spider Slayer 5
Demon Knight Slayer 5 Tracker of Demon Knights
Centaur Slayer 5
Bound Soul Slayer 5
Pirata Raider Slayer 5
Cat Slayer 5
Frost Troll Slayer 4
Wyvern Slayer 4
Earth Elemental Slayer 4
Savage Ridgeback Slayer 4
Mago Spellslinger Slayer 4
Timber Wolf Slayer 3
Great Hart Slayer 3
Golem Controller Slayer 3
Impaler Slayer 3
Fire Ant Slayer 3
Bird Slayer 3
Neira Slayer 3 Tracker of Neira
Mephitis Slayer 3 Tracker of Mephitis
Infected Elf Mage Slayer 3
Capitao Pirata Slayer 3
Black Bear Slayer 2
Brown Bear Slayer 2
Lava Serpent Slayer 2
Farmers Chicken Slayer 2
Frost Ooze Slayer 2
Young Dragon Slayer 2
Valornung Slayer 2
Sheep Slayer 2
Phoenix Slayer 2
Mago Guerreiro Slayer 2
Arctic Ogre Lord Slayer 1
Panther Slayer 1
Goat Slayer 1
Reaper Slayer 1
Golem Slayer 1
Ice Serpent Slayer 1
Chicken Slayer 1
Ice Snake Slayer 1
Frost Spider Slayer 1
Sentinel Spider Slayer 1
Ancient Wyrm Slayer 1
Craeg Slayer 1
Raziel Slayer 1
Fire Daemon Slayer 1
Pixie Slayer 1
Water Elemental Slayer 1
Infected Titan Slayer 1
Pig Slayer 1
Headless One Slayer 1
Bull Slayer 1
Grey Wolf Slayer 1
Juka Warrior Slayer 1
Infected Savage Skeleton Slayer 1
Medusa Slayer 1 Tracker of Medusa
Semidar Slayer 1 Tracker of Semidar
Dark Orc Slayer 1
Dog Slayer 1
Total Monster Types: 134 Total Monster Kills: 24800 Total Titles Awarded: 43